Post new-year resolutions for 2010

I’m a little late with my new year’s resolutions so I’ll just call them Jan 4’th resolutions. Photo by katerha Last year’s recap: – Quit smoking: done – Learn Turkish or Arabic: not done, moved to 2010 – I try to learn a new language every year. 2009 was C# year: as done as you can learn a language in one year So… my resolutions for 2010 are (drum roll): – Learn Turkish or Arabic: hopefully a new project I have in Morocco will help…Continue Reading “Post new-year resolutions for 2010”

Internet Explorer 8 setup is just %#&$#% up

I get to work. I plugin the lappy. Windows Update says “hey dude, there are some updates for you”, I’m like “Bring them on”. Bad mistake. One of the updates was IE8, and this is the update story(unfinished): • Windows Update downloads the “IE8 Update” • The “IE8 Update” starts up, decompresses something in c:<random string> and says “I have to restart your computer. It will update some stuff and then restart again. During this time you won’t be able to use screen readers, because…Continue Reading “Internet Explorer 8 setup is just %#&$#% up”

Okay, so the title is a little off…. but it really is my birthday today. And a good day it was. A nice, short day with a lot of accomplishments. I got my new ID card (I came out good in the photo, which is a plus), I saw my kitchen almost done (the nice colors we picked, excellent work by extraordinary workers), work was good (as opposed to the usual nasty nature of my work this year). My wife bought me a classical guitar,…Continue Reading “Happy birthday to me”

“May you live in interesting times” – Unknown This old saying is as much a curse as it is a blessing. Sometimes, the most difficult times are the most beautiful and most rewarding. They challenge us, they test us and most often they bring out the best in us. Well, I’m getting married tomorrow. I’ve had some crazy months, filled with a lot of work, graduating, buying a house, trying to fix it and now getting married. Wonderful, interesting, crazy, exhausting but mostly happy times….Continue Reading “A wonderful moment”

I’ve been having some name DNS issue the last four or five days, but my web host finally solved the problem. My domain payment went in a day late and my domain went into “client hold”. One day later it dropped from all DNS servers :). In other news :), I’ve started using BlogDesk. It’s a great piece of software at about 3.7 MB setup. It has good features and took only a couple of minutes to setup and configure with WordPress. If you have…Continue Reading “DNS issues fixed, some words about BlogDesk”

Finished migrating my stuff to WordPress. It took me a while to decide what theme to use, and I found this nice one on As I only had a few lines to change in the header, the title and some meta I didn’t loose a lot of time, wich is a plus. A “thank you” goes to the creator of this theme. You can take a look at it on the LoseMyMind page. The migration was quite straight-forward, even the post import from Blogger….Continue Reading “Finished migrating”

I’m in the process of migrating everything on my website, so please bare with me. The WordPress setup is done, but I need to get the content back in and redirect everything. I hope it will be ready in a day or two.