everything moves so fast and you feel bombarded by information before any one task is finished three more “important” or “urgent” tasks pop up you feel overwhelmed by… well, by life on average your mind is lost in thought half of the time, thinking about what you could do, if you could just get to it stop. mute your phone. close your email client. close twitter and facebook, it just doesn’t matter take 5 minutes off and have a walk  write the things that you need…Continue Reading “slower is better”

There’s a quote I like from the movie Cowboys & Aliens. It’s about divine presence and intervention: Well, surely you don’t expect the lord to do everything for you. … You gotta earn his presence. And then you gotta recognize it. And then you have to act on it. It’s the same with experience, First you have to earn it, then you have to recognize it and then you have to act on it.

Even if you’re just a developer, a little product management will open your eyes. I know, you think it’s all about marketing, and it is, sort of, but from time to time an article series like Practical Rules for Product Management makes it fun, even for non marketers. So, enjoy: Some rules just aren’t meant to be broken (Part I) Some rules just aren’t meant to be broken (Part 2) Some rules just aren’t meant to be broken (Part 3) Some rules just aren’t meant to be broken…Continue Reading “a little product management”

Moving slow lets you finish faster. Asynchronous communication doesn’t make you less productive, it makes you more productive. Meetings for the sake of meeting are just poison. They just take everybody out of their flow. If people tell you that it’s important, it’s critical, it can’t wait, it’s high priority, take it with a grain of salt. Few things in life are important or critical, people make them appear that way.

Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. -Hunter S. Thompson Three unfinished high impact ideas are nothing compared to a perfectly executed mediocre idea.

beautiful and friendly forms based on Bootstrap and popovers

If you’ve seen anything built with Bootstrap you’ll know that the overall  design is just beautiful.

Now, mix in that design mojo with the Popover functionality and you’ll get stunning and user-friendly forms like you’ve never had before. It’s so simple to implement and has such a great impact that I’m actually inclined to call this free end-user value.

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“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”

– Oscar Wilde

“Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.”

– Aldous Huxley

You gain experience through failure, strengthen it through practice.