TLDSP: Inception, or what you do before you begin

Noun S: (n) origin, origination, inception (an event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events) Inception, the first article in my The lore of delivering software products series presents one of the key phases of a software project, a phase so important and sensitive that it alone may decide the final outcome of the project: success or failure. This is a phase of discovery, acquaintance and assurance both for you, as a provider and for your customer, which so anxiously…Continue Reading “TLDSP: Inception, or what you do before you begin”

I think that it’s about time for this post so here goes. Brief history GUtil! was born sometime in 2006 and I released the first version (GUtil! on November 3rd 2006, for Firefox 1.5. At first it was something that I used to speed up access to the Google tools that I was using so I only had a couple of links. Then somebody asked for it and also asked me to add some more things that he used. So I did. And I…Continue Reading “The uncertain future of GUtil!”

Okay, GUtil 2.1.9 is in the Mozilla sandbox so the update will be comming soon. Some version notes: * Added the posibility to swap mouse button actions (open in new tab – open in current tab, left click – right click). Middle click still opens in background tab. * Added a chevron functionality to temporarly show all items, until an item is used. * Added check all/uncheck all functionality to the options dialog. Use with care, you can loose your settings this way. Happy Firefox…Continue Reading “GUtil 2.1.9 update”

Théophile just packed up a new version of GUtil!, adding 3 more Google services to the list: Google Experimental, Google Labs and Google Sets You can get the plugin here, or read about it here.

Just packed up a new version of GUtil. This update(2.1.6) has some minor changes, including the Orkut address change and the Personalized home name change to iGoogle. You can get the new version here. Don’t know what GUtil! is? Read about it here.