When I went off the reservation and decided to start working from home, my main reason was my family. They deserved a less stressed, less angry and more present father and husband. This year was about family, quitting smoking, working from home and public speaking. That went exactly as planned, with some minimal side-effects that I’ll try to mitigate – mostly it’s about the fact that I’m now fat :). I’ll try to make the next one about family, getting healthier, growing the business and writing. I’ve always…Continue Reading “Retrospective”

Fresh install for a new year

A few years ago, at the end of the holiday season I shared some thoughts about my home Linux box and a screenshot. Now, on the brink of 2012, as I found some time to finally migrate my stuff I’m ready to share some more 🙂 Since I wrote that post some things have changed… mostly behaviors and usage patterns: I do less things with my home machine – less development, mostly writing and browsing As I do less things I expect my machine to…Continue Reading “Fresh install for a new year”

Everything changes, nothing remains without change. – Buddha (Gautama Siddharta) In my last post I was talking about treating everything as a project and how change is inherent. This is one of the principles that I live by, one of the simple rules that guide me. For me, there are 2 ways to handle change: believe it when people say that something is set in stone, unchangeable… fixed – and have an incredibly bad day when everything changes always consider everything in flux. have a plan…Continue Reading “Change is inherent – expect it”

From time to time people seriously ask me “how’d you manage to do that?” or “when do you get the time?”. My regular answer – which surprisingly surprises people 🙂 – is that I just plan for it and do it. I treat things like little projects – everything from cooking to events to regular household chores. You see, everything in life has a critical path, a set of dependencies, some constraints, a desired outcome, a list of available assets, required resources or even liabilities…Continue Reading “Everything is a project”

The photo wall – lessons about plans, changes, risk mitigation and results

I live my life following a simple set of rules: Measure twice, cut once Change is normal, expect and embrace it Hope for the best but expect the worst The quality of the end result is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent choices and hard work I apply these rules to everything I can, starting with preparing and following a simple shopping list, small home projects and ending with my day to day job. Here’s the simplest and most intuitive example:…Continue Reading “The photo wall – lessons about plans, changes, risk mitigation and results”

a quote and a short story on perspective

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Wayne Dyer A short story: I almost went from being irritated because of something to being angry at somebody (unrelated to the something) today. There was this guy that was trying to do something in a far more complex way than he should have. He was at it for a while and it didn’t quite come out how he wanted to. I was already  a little edgy because of a…Continue Reading “a quote and a short story on perspective”

Post new-year resolutions for 2010

I’m a little late with my new year’s resolutions so I’ll just call them Jan 4’th resolutions. Photo by katerha Last year’s recap: – Quit smoking: done – Learn Turkish or Arabic: not done, moved to 2010 – I try to learn a new language every year. 2009 was C# year: as done as you can learn a language in one year So… my resolutions for 2010 are (drum roll): – Learn Turkish or Arabic: hopefully a new project I have in Morocco will help…Continue Reading “Post new-year resolutions for 2010”