I like to keep my client-side code completely decoupled from the server-side but I still want to keep one message source for localization. The ruby stack I use includes Sinatra, Sinatra::I18n and the I18n gem for localization and this is the simplest and most effective way (that I’ve found) of accomplishing this: The Sinatra route: This way the yml locale file is loaded and served and wrapped for quick use. In the client just request the messages script and then when you need a message…Continue Reading “accessing ruby I18n locale messages from the web client”

You should be already used to my religious prototyping habits – I tend to try out a lot of stuff, build a lot of things that I later discard and so on. Knowing that I do this a lot, I tend to actively look for tools that are either very easy to set up or that don’t even have an install footprint. Last year (I think) I found Mongoose, and used it to replace my normal prototyping instance – an Apache instance that I had…Continue Reading “Fastest web stack you could possibly set up for prototyping”

Stop Visual Studio Express 2012 from SCREAMING at you

I don’t develop .NET code professionally but I do like to keep my tools sharp in every direction – that includes knowing the latest technologies even if they don’t relate to JEE. Playing around with .NET means I need a good environment at a reasonable price (read free) and after trying SharpDevelop and VS Express a couple of years ago I decided that the best IDE for me was VS C# Express. After happily using it for more than 2 years I upgraded to VS Express 2012 for Windows Desktop (there’s…Continue Reading “Stop Visual Studio Express 2012 from SCREAMING at you”

Either you run the day or the day runs you. Jim Rohn I always try to sell the “write down everything that you need to do” mantra to everybody. It’s not just because it works for me, it’s because it works for everybody I ever worked with, everybody I asked and just about every productivity book I ever read mentioned it. The mantra is very simple: I use a piece of paper (usually a page in my notebook – paper notebook smart-ass) to create a…Continue Reading “Writing it down is good, doing it is better”