Enter Spore and be amazed

I could have also named this post “how in god’s name did I not know about this game earlier”. Rev 10-12 years ago, I used to play this nice Nintendo game called E.V.O.. I absolutely loved this game. It would start with you (the player) as a small fish trying to eat your way through evolution. You would later get to be a dinosaur….. and so on.That was very nice. I played this game almost half of my life, just like StarCraft… Fast forward 2008,…Continue Reading “Enter Spore and be amazed”

I just found out today that the folks at Blizzard finally decided to publicly announce that they are working on the next version of Starcraft. I mean, that was to be expected, 10 years have passed since Starcraft appeared and it looked like they were never going to give us a sequel. The good news is that all the wonderful races are still here. The bad news is that the Zerg, Protoss and Teran are alone, no other races have been announced. The official site…Continue Reading “Starcraft II, finally”

A little fun after a ruff week

Finally the weekend! I know it’s Sunday, but hey, I just lost one day :). I had a rough week, not that all my other weeks are all that okay, but this one was a .7 on my “when it’s time to move to another company scale”. Anyway, last night I thought I’d find a nice way to spend today, so I went out and bought a Tycoon style game – Activision’s “Donald Trump’s Real-Estate Tycoon” that is. It’s a good game, featuring some of…Continue Reading “A little fun after a ruff week”