I’m a big Sci Fi buff, both movies and books, but I’ve always preferred books. I love to read ancient short-stories, anthologies and futuristic stuff from the golden age, back when they really needed talent and a mind-blowing imagination to succeed. Reading these stories makes me happy. That’s swell you’d say, and I’d agree, only, you see, there’s a small problem. My hobby has a dark side to it. You can’t actually find a lot of pre-1960s short stories on Amazon. I mean yea, you’re gonna find…Continue Reading “low-level, down and dirty”

This week I had the pleasure of reading Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog!, one of the best productivity shorts I’ve ever read. I’m not that into reading self-help books, but I do enjoy reading short ones on how to improve personal productivity. The book isn’t fresh (2002 vintage) but it does cover a lot of aspects in a funny way, starting from the title and ending with the chapter quotes. One example of a funny parallel is the one that gave the book it’s name:…Continue Reading “Eat your frog in the morning”