I’m a big Sci Fi buff, both movies and books, but I’ve always preferred books. I love to read ancient short-stories, anthologies and futuristic stuff from the golden age, back when they really needed talent and a mind-blowing imagination to succeed. Reading these stories makes me happy. That’s swell you’d say, and I’d agree, only, you see, there’s a small problem. My hobby has a dark side to it. You can’t actually find a lot of pre-1960s short stories on Amazon. I mean yea, you’re gonna find…Continue Reading “low-level, down and dirty”

I like to keep my client-side code completely decoupled from the server-side but I still want to keep one message source for localization. The ruby stack I use includes Sinatra, Sinatra::I18n and the I18n gem for localization and this is the simplest and most effective way (that I’ve found) of accomplishing this: The Sinatra route: This way the yml locale file is loaded and served and wrapped for quick use. In the client just request the messages script and then when you need a message…Continue Reading “accessing ruby I18n locale messages from the web client”

updated some clipart

I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile and I finally got the chance to do it. I’ve updated some clipart on OCAL, you can take a look at some of them.   Here’s one of the cliparts:

inbox zero heresy

Lately I’ve seen a lot of people posting and tweeting, bragging about how zero their inbox is. This is funny and sad at the same time. It’s funny because they’re getting it wrong… it’s never about having an empty inbox. It’s sad because at the end of the day they have an empty inbox but they didn’t get anything done… they were too busy getting their inbox to zero 🙂 Maybe the name ruins it all. Maybe people get it as “I should spend as much…Continue Reading “inbox zero heresy”

Just found out that there’s a name for the type of apps that we’ve been working on for the last couple of years. It even has a catchy acronym. So, you know those RESTful API accessing, JavaScript + JSON powered, highly dynamic, limited HTML web apps that everybody is developing lately? Those are actually Single Page Applications, or SPAs. There’s even a Wikipedia entry describing the 10 year history of SPAs. The only good thing is that the page mentions thin server architecture, which is a big win, and probably the only thing that makes…Continue Reading “what’s in a name: Single Page Application”

The photo wall – lessons about plans, changes, risk mitigation and results

I live my life following a simple set of rules: Measure twice, cut once Change is normal, expect and embrace it Hope for the best but expect the worst The quality of the end result is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent choices and hard work I apply these rules to everything I can, starting with preparing and following a simple shopping list, small home projects and ending with my day to day job. Here’s the simplest and most intuitive example:…Continue Reading “The photo wall – lessons about plans, changes, risk mitigation and results”

Enter Spore and be amazed

I could have also named this post “how in god’s name did I not know about this game earlier”. Rev 10-12 years ago, I used to play this nice Nintendo game called E.V.O.. I absolutely loved this game. It would start with you (the player) as a small fish trying to eat your way through evolution. You would later get to be a dinosaur….. and so on.That was very nice. I played this game almost half of my life, just like StarCraft… Fast forward 2008,…Continue Reading “Enter Spore and be amazed”

This week I had the pleasure of reading Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog!, one of the best productivity shorts I’ve ever read. I’m not that into reading self-help books, but I do enjoy reading short ones on how to improve personal productivity. The book isn’t fresh (2002 vintage) but it does cover a lot of aspects in a funny way, starting from the title and ending with the chapter quotes. One example of a funny parallel is the one that gave the book it’s name:…Continue Reading “Eat your frog in the morning”

I just found out today that the folks at Blizzard finally decided to publicly announce that they are working on the next version of Starcraft. I mean, that was to be expected, 10 years have passed since Starcraft appeared and it looked like they were never going to give us a sequel. The good news is that all the wonderful races are still here. The bad news is that the Zerg, Protoss and Teran are alone, no other races have been announced. The official site…Continue Reading “Starcraft II, finally”

A little fun after a ruff week

Finally the weekend! I know it’s Sunday, but hey, I just lost one day :). I had a rough week, not that all my other weeks are all that okay, but this one was a .7 on my “when it’s time to move to another company scale”. Anyway, last night I thought I’d find a nice way to spend today, so I went out and bought a Tycoon style game – Activision’s “Donald Trump’s Real-Estate Tycoon” that is. It’s a good game, featuring some of…Continue Reading “A little fun after a ruff week”