Spoiler.¬†It all worked out of the box, really not satisfying if you’re a troubleshooter, really satisfying if you just want to get stuff done ūüôā Jump to the end for the short version. ————— Most of my development work is hybrid, I either develop on Windows (when at home) or Mac (on the go), but I mostly deploy on Linux. I’ve been playing this game for over a decade, with good results. All except for my ruby projects. My ruby project suffer when I¬†work on…Continue Reading “Ruby, Sinatra, nginx on WSL (Bash on Windows)”

I just love the way that Thymeleaf templates help you prototype and work on user interfaces. I also use Sinatra for small-to-medium size web apps. That being said, I was¬†annoyed that I was stuck with ERB templates for my Sinatra projects so I went ahead and created an adaptor for Sinatra that uses Thymeleaf.rb to render Thymeleaf templates. Here it is:¬†https://github.com/bcostea/sinatra-thymeleaf You’re welcome!

I’m a big Sci Fi buff, both movies and books, but I’ve always preferred books.¬†I love to read ancient short-stories, anthologies and futuristic stuff from the golden age, back when they really needed talent and a mind-blowing imagination to succeed. Reading these stories makes me happy. That’s swell you’d say, and I’d agree, only, you see, there’s a small problem. My hobby¬†has a dark side to it. You can’t actually find a lot of pre-1960s short stories on Amazon. I mean yea, you’re gonna find…Continue Reading “low-level, down and dirty”

Using IIS as a reverse proxy is¬†not ideal. ¬†I mean, it’s not bad, it does work, it’s just that in my opinion it’s overly complex to configure, maintain and debug when compared to apache/nginx/varnish. We don’t live in an ideal universe, IIS reverse proxies exist and plus, it’s your right to disagree, not the first time you’d be wrong about something. Anyway, when working on legacy products, from time to time you’ll need to introduce new components to existing stacks. There’s no possible way you…Continue Reading “Debugging IIS reverse proxies”

Once in a while I feel that I need to do this more often, to pick up on my blogging and tune my skills. The problem is that after a while I drift off and stop posting, focusing on building stuff and not talking about them. Not being able to talk about them sort of kills the spirit as well but that’s just a lame excuse. This is the 2016 iteration. I’ll try to focus on¬†product development, architecture and code, we’ll see how that goes.

Taking an app to production successfully brings a whole new set of challenges. Everything from user experience, resource usage and server load can be influenced by the way your app interacts with web assets such as JavaScript, CSS, fonts, images and even multimedia files. Good user experience and low resource usage demands having as few server round-trips as possible and retrieving assets that are optimized for bandwidth and browser processing (or even resolution-optimized images and multimedia assets). These requirements may complicate or even compromise your…Continue Reading “the static asset pipeline – optimized production experience, uncompromised development flow”

I like to keep my client-side code completely decoupled from the server-side but I still want to keep one message source for localization. The ruby stack I use includes Sinatra, Sinatra::I18n and the I18n gem for localization and this is the simplest and most effective way (that I’ve found) of accomplishing this: The Sinatra route: This way the yml locale file is loaded and served and wrapped for quick use. In the client just request the messages script and then when you need a message…Continue Reading “accessing ruby I18n locale messages from the web client”

cause and effect – more testing doesn’t necessarily improve software quality

A short story about cause and effect I had in my backlog.

Jim works for a software company or, why not, he may even own it.

Jim realizes that the quality of the software that gets built in his company decreases year-by-year, all over the board.¬†He’s been seeing it for some time now but it seemed like the guys have it under control. You know, the guys know what they’re doing.

After awhile things seem to slip even further….

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Just found out that there’s a name for the type of apps that we’ve been working on for the last couple of years. It even has a catchy acronym. So, you know those RESTful API¬†accessing, JavaScript + JSON powered, highly dynamic, limited HTML web apps that everybody is developing lately? Those are actually¬†Single Page Applications, or¬†SPAs.¬†There’s even a¬†Wikipedia entry¬†describing¬†the 10 year history of¬†SPAs. The only good thing is that the page mentions¬†thin server architecture,¬†which is a big win, and probably the only thing that makes…Continue Reading “what’s in a name: Single Page Application”