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When I went off the reservation and decided to start working from home, my main reason was my family. They deserved a less stressed, less angry and more present father and husband. This year was about family, quitting smoking, working from home and public speaking. That went exactly as planned, with some minimal side-effects that I’ll try to mitigate – mostly it’s about the fact that I’m now fat :).

I’ll try to make the next one about family, getting healthier, growing the business and writing.

I’ve always found it difficult to write about what I do, I enjoy doing it way more than documenting it but I do need to keep at it so writing will be a big goal for me next year. Maybe I’ll even be able to link it to the other ones, although at this point I don’t see how I’ll do that.

I need to do more of that, along with getting more exercise and focusing on doing more things that work and less things that don’t.



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