a mini-product from scratch – #2, the name

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In my previous post I introduced you to a mini-product that I’ll be building in the open.

I talked about the idea, or the “why” of our product.

But hey, if we’re going to build a product we need a way to refer to it… basically everywhere.

It’s OK to call it “the product” but that’s cold and inexpressive and we don’t really like that, so we’ll need a name.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be the final name – most likely it won’t be the final name – it just has to be easy to remember and easy to pronounce. Having a fun, catchy name helps.

So how do you get one?


  • you can be creative, like you know, randomly open a page of a book you like, or invent a new word
  • you can use a random name generator online
  • get professional help
  • brainstorm with colleagues, friends, family members or even strangers

At this point getting professional help (marketing, copy, branding, etc.) is premature. You can do that later.

Right now you just need a way to refer to your product – when talking to others or even thinking about it.

If you strike it lucky and find one that also reflects the why, even better.

I actually got to “dailytraks” by brainstorming with strangers. How? I went to http://chat.stackoverflow.com/ and asked.


After about fifteen minutes of that, some synonyms and abbreviations later and I got to dailytraks.

I like it, it reflects my why and because I cheated (checking domain names while brainstorming) I have a viable domain name for my product, which I actually bought off GoDaddy 5 minutes later.


Now, you shouldn’t go grab a domain for your product while you’re putting together your idea and thinking about a product name. I did that so I can brag about it in this post 🙂

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