the static asset pipeline – optimized production experience, uncompromised development flow

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Taking an app to production successfully brings a whole new set of challenges. Everything from user experience, resource usage and server load can be influenced by the way your app interacts with web assets such as JavaScript, CSS, fonts, images and even multimedia files.

Good user experience and low resource usage demands having as few server round-trips as possible and retrieving assets that are optimized for bandwidth and browser processing (or even resolution-optimized images and multimedia assets).

These requirements may complicate or even compromise your development flow, slowing you down and sometimes making it cumbersome to debug. That’s something that we definitely don’t want.

Here’s the deck to a short talk I had about the subject where I dive into the static asset pipeline, what problems it can solve, how it integrates with your environments (development, test and production) and the tools that we can use –

There’s code with that, you can grab it on GitHub:

If you’re interested in the subject add a comment or ping me @bogdancostea

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