new endeavours – things to avoid

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When you want to start something new,  be it a business or a new product you always start up with an idea or, if you don’t have one you come up with one (by who care what process… brainstorming, calling a friend, stealing).

There’s no better idea than yours. I mean, it’s a pot of gold. What am I saying… it’s the mother-load, the ultimate cash cow.

Well, before the money starts rolling in, you may want to analyse it a little further, especially regarding the intersection between your new idea, the boundary of your knowledge and the actual demand for a product such as the one you’re envisioning.

Here’s a diagram describing where you don’t want to be.


2 thoughts on “new endeavours – things to avoid

  1. I hope you are not serious about that 😉 Where does Apple fit into? It seems like a combo of B and C to me, but pretty successfull still… Or did I misunderstand something?

  2. Well, a combo of B and C would actually be the ideal intersection (where you want to do it, you know how to do it and other people are willing to pay for it).

    Each one by itself is bad (you want to do it, you know how to do it, but nobody wants it), any combo of two would be equal to the ideal intersection.

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