it’s not that important

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Moving slow lets you finish faster.
Asynchronous communication doesn’t make you less productive, it makes you more productive.
Meetings for the sake of meeting are just poison. They just take everybody out of their flow.

If people tell you that it’s important, it’s critical, it can’t wait, it’s high priority, take it with a grain of salt.
Few things in life are important or critical, people make them appear that way.

2 thoughts on “it’s not that important

  1. I don’t get that second phrase. You mean chatting using an instant messaging while talking on the phone? But I doubt so… This would be a parallel communication I guess 😉

    1. I’m actually referring to the benefits of email versus phone conversations or instant messaging.

      People may feel that they get things done faster if they just pick up the phone and call you, because it’s urgent. That isn’t really helpful most of the time, it just breaks your flow, whereas if the same person were to send you an email instead, you would actually be more productive by finishing what you were doing and answering the email afterwards.

      Reacting on immediate requests just deviates your focus from the important things that you are trying to achieve.

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