Fresh install for a new year

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A few years ago, at the end of the holiday season I shared some thoughts about my home Linux box and a screenshot.

Now, on the brink of 2012, as I found some time to finally migrate my stuff I’m ready to share some more 🙂

Since I wrote that post some things have changed… mostly behaviors and usage patterns:

  • I do less things with my home machine – less development, mostly writing and browsing
  • As I do less things I expect my machine to be more snappy
  • I really loathe complexity, bloat and overall useless things that just stick around

For the above reasons I have decided it’s time for a fresh install and it’s time to try something new and sleek. Ubuntu has gotten way to fat and annoying for me. So, this past week I’ve done a small study, trying different Linux (and BSD) distributions – using a different live instance every day.

After going through Mint, Puppy Linux, Fedora (OMG – why, oh why), PC-BSD (this was interesting) and CrunchBang (aham, that’s the name, well, it’s actually #!m figure that), I’ve decided to stick with CrunchBang.

The nice part is that the final install (from live CD to hard drive) actually worked flawlessly, configuring everything automatically. Even WiFi worked. The soft keys (touchy things like mute, volume, WiFi control and stuff) and Fn (blue keys) on my laptop worked out of the box which is a great thing. I only had to configure visual and feel stuff (like window manager, menus, dock… regular stuff). Total migration time? 20 minutes install and 40 minutes config. I’m writing this from a Chrome instance running on the fresh install.

So, here’s a screenshot of the shiny new desktop.

new desktop



Oh, and some other things have changed also… no more spooky wallpapers 🙂


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