Everything is a project

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From time to time people seriously ask me “how’d you manage to do that?” or “when do you get the time?”.

My regular answer – which surprisingly surprises people 🙂 – is that I just plan for it and do it.

I treat things like little projects – everything from cooking to events to regular household chores.

You see, everything in life has a critical path, a set of dependencies, some constraints, a desired outcome, a list of available assets, required resources or even liabilities and risks. Sounds familiar? So everything in life can be treated like a project,  sketched, planned and executed.

Next, they ask things like “what if something doesn’t go according to plan?” – and I smile. I smile because I’ve never seen anything go according to plan, so I’m always ready for change.

Life is the longest project you’ll be part of and planning for it just makes it a lot easier.

Last week was probably the hardest week of my life and this mindset got me through it. Who knows, maybe sometimes I’ll even write about it.

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