Change is inherent – expect it

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Everything changes, nothing remains without change.

– Buddha (Gautama Siddharta)

In my last post I was talking about treating everything as a project and how change is inherent. This is one of the principles that I live by, one of the simple rules that guide me.
For me, there are 2 ways to handle change:

  • believe it when people say that something is set in stone, unchangeable… fixed – and have an incredibly bad day when everything changes
  • always consider everything in flux. have a plan and try to execute it – hope for the best but expect the worst. be ready for change, and when everything goes as planned be happy that it did


It’s easier to embrace change when it happens if your expectations are that everything will eventually change.

It’s even easier to embrace change when change is a part of your plan.

This way, you are always ready – never surprised.

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