Focusing on determination, dedication and detail

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There’s an ancient Vedic quote that I like:

He who strives, having commenced anything, till it is completed, who never wastes his time, and who has his soul under control, is regarded wise.

There is much truth and wisdom in these ancient words and I try to live up to them as much as I can by finishing the things that I start to the standard level of quality that I define.

When I have a shortage of time available I try to limit the scope of work, building or creating less but respecting my overall level of quality.

Building smaller while maintaining a high level of  quality allows me to deliver in time and it gives me a foothold – allowing me to do two things:

  • respect and uphold my standards – “no crap, attention to details and looks”;
  • give a clear statement – “This is the level of quality that can be produced. The time that was available only allowed me to produce this volume of stuff at this level of quality. You can get more of this stuff at this level of quality if you give me more time”.

Rather than delivering 200 pages of crap I prefer 40 pages of quality – take it or leave it. It’s about getting it right.

What does this have to do with determination, dedication and detail? 

I all depends on your standard. If your standard of quality includes all the things that matter:

  • It does what it should – it contains everything that is needed;
  • It looks like it should – standardized, beautiful;
  • If feels like it should – it’s usable, if it’s a document it uses the correct language and tone;
  • It was completed in the time that was available – delivered on time, even with some time left for feedback;
  • It is finished – it is gift-wrapped, end-to-end, with no missing parts;

Then well, it has just about everything to do with determination, dedication and detail.

So, less volume, more standardized quality… and a clear definition of done – maybe even in the form of a checklist – because we’re not really built to remember everything.

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