Stop Visual Studio Express 2012 from SCREAMING at you

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I don’t develop .NET code professionally but I do like to keep my tools sharp in every direction – that includes knowing the latest technologies even if they don’t relate to JEE.

Playing around with .NET means I need a good environment at a reasonable price (read free) and after trying SharpDevelop and VS Express a couple of years ago I decided that the best IDE for me was VS C# Express.

After happily using it for more than 2 years I upgraded to VS Express 2012 for Windows Desktop (there’s no C# edition anymore) and surprise – the menus WERE SCREAMING AT ME IN ALL CAPS.

At first you ignore it but after a while it becomes really annoying so I decided to fix it.

I asked around and I found a post by @shanselman that mentioned a registry trick to stop VS from capitalizing menus but it only worked for a full install of Visual Studio and not for Express.

I fired up my trustworthy procmon, identified the registry path for VS Express, tried it and it worked. Here’s how it looks like:


If you want to fix it too, here’s the registry key and value that you need to create:



DWORD value of 1

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