Getting it right – why checklists matter

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Our lives and jobs are growing in complexity by the day and nothing seems simple anymore.

For everything that we have to do our mind builds a procedural path, adding more and more steps as the thing increases in complexity, and well… contrary to popular beliefs our minds are not especially good at remembering things, especially taking account the way that most of us work this days – multitasking, a proven productivity killer.

If multitasking is a productivity killer then multitasking complex tasks is a serial productivity killer and our minds start losing focus on the tasks at hand, the stages and prerequisites – which lowers the quality of our work even further.

The best way to counterbalance this loss of productivity and quality is to build lists of things that you need to do in order to deliver and follow them because, you know – writing it down is good, doing it is better.

Although checklists may seem similar to TODO lists they are different. The goal is the same – remembering what you need to do – but the nature is totally different.

TODO lists are about getting things done but what is the purpose of Getting Things Done if you’re not Getting Things Right?

T0 get things right, you need a checklist that should represent the level of quality and quantity that you expect from the final deliverable of a certain task.

Ideally, for each type of deliverable of each one of your tasks you should start building a checklist – while you are working of a task of that kind.

In time, each time you go into a task you should follow the checklist so that you never forget what must be done.

If you find new things that have to be done, refine the checklist until it fully satisfies the level of quantity and quality desired.

Start Getting Things Right… for a change.

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