The pileup

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I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
Douglas Adams

January was a tough month, with a lot of new projects and initiatives that needed pushing and pulling to get up and running, consuming a huge chunk of my time… and most importantly, my energy.

As I realized that work started consuming more and more time… I chose to suspend things like participating in communities, writing this blog, working on my other various projects, so that I can give as much attention as I can to my family and to my full time job activities.

And now I have a huge list of things that I wanted to write, mostly technical, some less technical.

Throughout January I’ve raised my pomodoro usage and through trial and error I’ve found that a 20 minute pomodoro followed by a 10 minute break is a perfect fit for my work requirements.

I am however pushing the rules a little because I’m using the 10 minute break between pomodoros for low-cost activities, like following-up on delegated tasks, quick feedback sessions and having quick coffee-break chats.

Anyway, here’s to February, a small and hopefully, more productive month.

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