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A couple of days ago I said that Blogger was a better choice than WordPress. Man was I wrong.

I have to admit, the new Blogger interface is cool but when you really try to use it you start hitting crap like:

  • mapping real domains instead of blogspot subdomains goes through Google Apps (in some form or another) and my domain was somehow trapped in another guys Google Apps account… tough luck
  • importing from my old WordPress blog would have taken ages and it needed manual fixes… a lot of them

So, seeing that this would cost me a shitload of time and most importantly, a part of my sanity… I just chose to move everything to And a good choice it was!

20 minutes later I was already importing 5 years of content and another hour later the DNS records were already updating.

Total costs: 2 pomodoros and about 30$ (new domain + domain mapping – which, may I mention, is worth every penny) – how’s that for a deal?

3 more things:

  • today was my third day with the new schedule (the early-bird schedule) and it’s actually worth it… although I am getting hit harder than I though in the evenings
  • tomorrow I’ll be skipping the early bird schedule because…
  • Happy New Year 2012!

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