Energising my daily schedule

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Didn’t mention it yet but I’ve decided to energise my daily schedule by waking up earlier… way earlier.

I usually woke up around 9:30 AM, a really cozy hour for anybody, especially for developers. It’s the kind of hour that allows you to stay up late and code. This used to help me… well, it helped me way back when I used to stay up late and code.

Sadly, I’ve lost most of my night-time coding urges in the first year after my son was born, and never got them back. The work I do now requires more interaction, more daily focus and a whole lot of multitasking.

Thinking about this made me remember some things that I found in both technical and non-technical books, all revolving around to concept of energized work. Energized work revolves around starting the day early and finishing it early, working at a regular, sustainable pace – but more focused – leaving the rest of the time for fun, family and sleep.

I’ve chosen to wake up at 6:45, extending my productive day with 2 hours… but more on this soon, as today was my first day so it’s to soon to talk about it.


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