The uncertain future of GUtil!

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I think that it’s about time for this post so here goes.

Brief history
GUtil! was born sometime in 2006 and I released the first version (GUtil! on November 3rd 2006, for Firefox 1.5.

At first it was something that I used to speed up access to the Google tools that I was using so I only had a couple of links. Then somebody asked for it and also asked me to add some more things that he used. So I did. And I published it. And more people wanted it. That is all.

Current status
I haven’t touched the code since July 30, 2009.I’m not using it anymore. I have restricted my Google usage to Google apps, Picasa and Reader.I don’t care about anything else, nor do I have the time to care about anything else.

Some statistics:
– GUtil! has been downloaded 240,651 times
– GUtil! is part of 198 collections on AMO
– GUtil! has 8680 active daily users down from more than 12000

Well, here comes the bad news.
I’m not updating it anymore. I don’t have the time, the patience or the interest to update GUtil! anymore.

If you want to work on it, it’s always been open so go get the source and have a whack!

All the best to whoever wants to continue with GUtil!

3 thoughts on “The uncertain future of GUtil!

  1. Hi Bogdan,

    I think that GUtil it is a great Firefox extension.It is really a shame to stop the development and evolution, so if no other person comes forward to continue the development I do it myself. If you agree.

    I’m not a great developer, but in my free time I enjoy it. I have already helped improve Ubiquity for Switzerland.


  2. A bit late perhaps but somehow I never came across this until recently and have found it immensely useful. Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work.

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