Multi Font Viewer – TrueType font viewer for Windows

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Multi Font Viewer is a lite TrueType font viewer for Windows.
Multi Font Viewer can display multiple fonts side by side for comparison.


I needed to find a font that I used in a logo. Having a lot of fonts installed made it a nightmare.

I looked for font viewers but didn’t find any good free one except for Opcion.
Opcion is good, it did the trick for me, but why not a .NET version?

I did find a lot of shareware though – and not all of it was good. So I build this one. It took close to 5 hours. It needs more work but it’s functional.

It is written in c# and build using Microsoft Visual C# Express Edition.

The code is released under the GPL and it is available at the Multi Font Viewer Google Code Project. You can download it on the project page.

The project is also registered on ohloh, you can see it on the Multi Font Viewer ohloh page.

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