Let your team members be creative

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Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.

– Walter Lippmann (1889 – 1974)


I have always considered the induction process used in companies a joke when applied to technical employees, especially to software developers.

Getting the new guys and gals to learn and follow procedures such as purchase requests or others related to the internals of the company is OK, teaching them about technologies, code style, general programming and design principles is also OK, reshaping the way they think forcefully is just stupid.

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The uniqueness of every technical resource in you team must be harnessed and used to benefit the project.
If you are coordinating a project try to nurture creativity, don’t force your idea on how to implement a certain feature, let your developers invest fresh ideas into the products they are working on.

This way you create a win-win situation, your project benefits from fresh ideas and your developers relate better to the project they are working on.

Technical people devote more of their time and passion into the things they enjoy, such as following their own plan. The most important thing about letting your team members be creative is to stop them when they are wondering off.

You can also use this in brainstorming sessions. Never let any of your team members just listen without interacting. Ask them what they think and what would be their solution to the problem at hand.

What they consider to be a dumb idea could be the best approach to your problem.

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