Looking forward to eLiberatica 2009

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eLiberatica 2008 is over, long live eLiberatica.

It’s been a great conference, with wonderful speakers and just as wonderful participants, you really should take a look at the conference website.

eLiberatica 2008 Speakers

The eLiberatica 2008 speakers

The main topics of the conference have been open source adoption in the enterprise, open source business models and licensing. Conferences like eLiberatica raise awareness and promote open source in a fun and extremely interactive way.

Oh yeah, Microsoft came, and they were incredibly friendly and sincere and proved the community one more time that they are not evil, they just want to sell stuff in this new world.

For me, the most interesting parts were the presentations made by Mozilla’s David Ascher, ActiveState’s Shane Caraveo, Navarik’s Bill Dobie and surprisingly the talk given by Constantin Teodorescu, part of the Romanian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.


I got some new ideas, confirmed some old ones, met some interesting people and generally had a lot of fun.

At the end of the conference, the O’Reilly rep did something that I extremely liked. They donated all the books that weren’t sold to the four universities present at the conference, quietly, the kind of thing that makes you respect them even more.

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