JiBX, Maven JiBX plugin, using collections with flexible settings

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Before JiBX 1.1.5, names on collections were optional. That changed 🙂

Now, although the docs say that the name attribute is optional on collections, it’s actually required in the real world.

Some flexible setups, like mine, get really confused if the name attribute is specified, and, because it is required I can’t even bind it without setting validate to false, and if I set validate to false, the JiBX_MungeAdapter appears in my module root (${basedir}) instead of the required package.

The only solution I found for this problem is to downgrade to JiBX 1.1.3 and maven-jibx-plugin 1.1.3. I know it isn’t a real solution but what can I say, half a day is too long to loose working on something that can be fixed by a minor-version downgrade.

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