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I was going through Cliff Wootton‘s JavaScript Reference, the wonderful 2625 pages of JavaScript reference published by Wrox and, and at the A index page I see a reference to about:; I considered it odd, as I have used the book as reference for a long time now, but never noticed such a trivial subject.

Reading about it being treated so seriously got me a little curious. I mean, most people know about about:blank, you know, the empty document, or about the Book of Mozilla(only works on Mozilla/Gecko based browsers), or even the complex and very useful Mozilla’ish about:config settings window, but did you know about these SeaMonkey/Firefox ones:

  • about:cache – Disk and Memory cache information
  • about: – in page version of the about dialog
  • about:plugins – lists all the installed plugins (very useful)
  • about:buildconfig – details about the SeaMonkey/Firefox build
  • about:neterror – this is my absolute favorite, it displays an error đŸ™‚

Mostly i use about:config and about:cache but the random about:neterror coworker prank is always high-rated in my office ;).

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