GUtil 2.1.9 update

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Okay, GUtil 2.1.9 is in the Mozilla sandbox so the update will be comming soon.
Some version notes:
* Added the posibility to swap mouse button actions (open in new tab – open in current tab, left click – right click). Middle click still opens in background tab.
* Added a chevron functionality to temporarly show all items, until an item is used.
* Added check all/uncheck all functionality to the options dialog. Use with care, you can loose your settings this way.

Happy Firefox browsing.

2 thoughts on “GUtil 2.1.9 update

  1. Hi, I have a suggestion:
    You can come up with a menu for countries list so that Google news or you tube or any other Google service opens up for selected countries. For example: News for India is available at

    many extensions are installed-uninstalled, but gutil stays till date in my browser!Cheers

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